Jan 16, 2023 issue
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The Brief
The View
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Winter Offensive. To prevent Putin from going nuclear, Ukraine must continue the fight By Elliot Ackerman
Page 28
Nuclear Moment. Beatrice Fihn, who won the Nobel for campaigning for global disarmament, meets a perilous turning points By Naina Bajekal
Page 32
Building a Better Bomber. The stealthy and very expensive B-21 Raider heralds a new era of great-power confrontation By W.J. Hennigan
Page 38
Farming In the Forest. Agroforesting offers both a lifeline for Bazil's troubled agriculture industry and an alternative to clear-cutting the Amazon By Ciara Nugent
Page 44
A Happiness Guide. The founders' pursuit By Darrin M. McMahon
Page 48
How the happiness professor battles burnout By Jamie Ducharme
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Plus: Joy-building tips from experts
Time Off
Page 57
Building a better franchise By Judy Berman
Page 61
Good riddance to The Golden Globes
Page 62
Chritian Bale anchors a wintry whodunit
Page 63
Allison Williams on the pleasure of horror
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7 Questions for Dr. Anthony Fauci reflecting on his career, battling pathogens and politics, and the lessons he's learned
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Top Global risks in 2023
Page 20
Learning to celebrate disability culture
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Where Football goes from here
Page 5
The elections that will shape global politics in 2023
Page 7
Pope Benedict's radical legacy
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Resolve to skip these wellness trends in 2023
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A Uvalde mother fights back on Capitol Hill
Jan 16, 2022

VOL. 201, NOS. 1-2


The Secrets of Happiness Experts