Dec 05, 2022 issue
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From the Editor
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The Brief
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Trump's joyless relaunch
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Relations between China and Australia emerge from deep freeze
Page 12
The death knell for student-loan forgiveness?
Page 13
The collapse of a crypto empire
Page 14
Why women-led protests are more successful
Page 16
America retuns to the World Cup with young, diverse talent
Page 17
A holiday survival guide for scrooges
Page 18
Celebrity entrepreneur Mark Cuban is taking on Big Pharma
The View
Page 21
Musk's Twit fiasco
Page 23
Turkey walks a tightrope
Page 25
You may want to consider quitting housework
Page 26
Bolsonaro's disregard for the Amazon
Page 30
Why Ukraine reveals. Russia's war has made clear how authoritarian states weaponize the networks that connect the world By Peter Pomerantsev
Page 34
Origin Story. In the Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg brings his life to the movies
Page 40
Photos of the Year 2022. Images that captured what mattered
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Kids at Heart. Brands like Lego and Mattel are now marketing to grownups who still enjoy playtime By Eliana Dockterman
Time Off
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The end of a southern reverie
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There is room for both reason and rage By Michelle Obama
Page 64
Reluctant teen cannibals, in love and on the lam By Stephanie Zacharek
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Time Off Recommends
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6 Questions for Jay Inslee the governor of Washington State on the 'enormous' U.S. climate investment, his own state's bill, and a new light at COP27
Dec 05, 2022

VOL. 200, NOS. 21-22


Photos of the Year