TIME Magazine 2020 Jan 27 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 9
Democratic hopefuls move from the trial to the trial
Page 11
Iran loses the streets
Page 12
The best of CES 2020
Page 13
The Queen and Megxit
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TIME with...NPR host Steve Inskeep
Page 16
Volcanic aftermath in the Philippines
The View
Page 19
Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn on hope for the working class
Page 21
Ian Bremmer outlines the top geopolitical perils of 2020
Page 22
Laila Lalami on becoming American
Page 24
When less is more in medicine
Page 25
Malcolm Turnbull on the fiery cost of climate denial
Page 26
Family Matters. What Jared Kushner has done with his proximity to

power. By Brian Bennett

Page 34
Oil Change. Shellremakes itself for a post-fossil-fuel world. By Justin Worland
Page 42
Long Nights. Why Generation X women don't get enough sleep. By Ada Calhoun
Time Off
Page 47
Can awards shows be saved?
Page 50
Television: Sex Education, Season 2; Star Trek: Picard looks ahead; Awkwafina is Nora From Queens
Page 52
8 Questions for author Isabel Allende
January 27, 2020

VOL. 195, NO. 2


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