TIME magazine 2019 July 1 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
What Hong Kong protests cost Xi Jinping
Page 9
Will Ebola spread to Uganda?
Page 10
Prescriptions and the Pill
Page 11
Milestones: Remembering Mohamed Morsi and Franco Zeffirelli
Page 12
TIME with...rom-com master Richard Curtis
Page 14
A new day at Notre Dame
The View
Page 17
Iran doesn't want to talk to Trump
Page 19
Ian Bremmer on the fight to save Sudan
Page 19
Quick Talk with abortion-rights lawyer Stephanie Toti
Page 20
Get real about teaching resilience
Page 21
Angelina Jolie on what the world owes refugees
Page 22
Trump Doubles Down. Inside the President's re-election gamble. By Brian Bennett
Page 32
Fighting Europe's Scourge. Anti-Semitism rises across the Continent. By Vivienne Walt
Page 38
After Stonewall. By Charles Kaiser
Time Off
Page 45
Summer novels untangle women's friendships
Page 48
Movies: Toy Story 4; The Edge of Democracy; Wild Rose
Page 50
Television: The Real World reboot; Years and Years; Pose in its second season
Page 52
7 Questions for new Smithsonian head Lonnie G. Bunch III
July 1, 2019 VOL. 194. NO. 1

My Whole Life is a Bet