TIME magazine 2017 November 27 and December 4 double issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
What Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is up to in Lebanon
Page 10
Ian Bremmer: Theresa May and the struggles over Brexit
Page 11
Remembering gossip columnist Liz Smith
Page 12
Texas church reopens after mass shooting
Page 14
Self-driving cars might not be green
The View
Page 15
Live-streaming lets the NRA cement its base
Page 18
Deliberate communities
Page 19
NASCAR loses Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Page 20
Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman reveals sexual abuse
Page 22
Why Vladimir Putin fears a popular uprising
Page 23
The fall of Roy Moore
The Features
Page 24
Exodus From Myanmar: Rohingya Muslims seek refuge in Bangladesh
Page 36
Crisis in Elder Care: The health, wealth and dignity of retiring baby boomers are at stake
Page 38
Too many hospices don't provide peace at the end of life
Page 42
Why many patients give up their legal rights when they check in at a nursing home
Page 48
The Making of Genius: Franklin, Einstein. Jobs. Da Vinci. History's greatest thinkers
Page 57
Best Inventions 2017: TIME's annual roundup, from airless tires to a safer football helmet
Page 81
Drama: Much-anticipated Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread
Page 86
Comedy: Brothers James and Dave Franco on finally uniting for The Disaster Artist
Page 90
Action: A darker galaxy far, far away, with new actors
Page 92
Family: Julia Roberts on the compassion in Wonder
Page 95
Joel Stein's endnote
Page 96
7 Questions for actor Gary Oldman
November 27 & December 4, 2017 VOL. 190. NO. 22-23

The 25 Best Inventions of 2017 + History’s Greatest Genius