TIME Magazine 2019 September 30 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
Iran escalates, Trump vacillates
Page 11
Walter Isaacson remembers Cokie Roberts
Page 12
Tump's take on global mail
Page 14
TIME with...producer Brian Grazer
Page 16
After the storm in the Bahamas
The View
Page 19
U.S. colleges must decide: Do they want to be equal or elite?
Page 21
Ian Bremmer on Boris Johnson's Brexit box
Page 22
What people really want in long-term partners
Page 22
Macron's Moment of Truth. The French President is in a hurry to prove his

reforms are not only for the rich. By Vivienne Walt

Page 30
The Cloud Over Juul. The e-cigarrette maker claiming to be a public-health savoir

is getting another generation hooked on nicotine. By Jaime Ducharme

Page 38
Our Bodies, Our fight. Women must reveal personal stories

to assert their humanity. Why is that? By Lyz Lenz

Time Off
Page 45
The sad state of network television
Page 48
Movies: A weathered Brad Pitt in Ad Astra; the documentary

Where's My Roy Cohn?; a wide-screen Downtown Abbey

Page 50
Books: A Brooklyn family in Red at the Bone; debut novel The

Secrets we Kept; YA Frankly in Love

Page 52
7 Questions for Renée Zellweger
September 30, 2019 VOL. 194,

NO. 13


Macron’s Moment