TIME Magazine 2020 August 03 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
Jobless without a net
Page 8
Asia's COVID resurgence
Page 9
Civil rights icon C.T. Vivian
Page 10
Endangered American heritage
Page 12
TIME with...travel guru Rick Steves
Page 14
Feds descend on Main Street
The View
Page 17
Jeffrey Kluger on why virus misinformation goes viral
Page 19
Ian Bremmer on a different Russian populist
Page 19
Put on your best face for the next video call
Page 20
Thirty years after the ADA and still fighting
Page 22
The speech
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The interview
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Plus: Remembrances from Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Bob Moses, and Dorie Ladner and

Joyce Ladner

Page 38
Never Trumpers Strike Back. The republicans trying to oust the President By Tessa Berenson and

Alana Abramson

Page 44
Star Warriors. Inside America's very real Space Force By W.J. Hennigan
Page 52
The Discomforts of Home. The pandemic's toll on kid's mental health By Jeffrey Kluger
Page 56
Back to School? There may be more than one right answer By Molly Ball and Katie Reilly
Page 64
Anatomy of a Pandemic. The hunt for "patient zero" and the groundbreaking global effort to

map the virus By Charlie Campbell and Alice Park

Page 74
Unhoused. How Constance Woodson found herself homeless during lockdown By Belinda


Page 78
Caste and Country. Author Isabel Wilkerson's epic chronicle of America's hierarchies By Justin


Time Off
Page 83
Where to find binge-worthy favorites
Page 86
TV: A Charles Manson docuseries; a Welsh dramedy; and Muppets magic, updated
Page 88
Movies: Rosamund Pike as Madame Curie in Radioactive
Page 90
Books: Emma Donoghue's latest; the realities of postpartum phycosis; and a painter's Luster
Page 92
7 Questions for NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace
Aug 03, 2020

VOL. 196, NOS. 5-6


John Lewis       1940-2020