TIME Magazine 2021 June 21 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Biden sits down with Putin
Page 7
Ian Bremmer on who stands to gain what from the meeting
Page 9
Iran's next President was chosen by its Supreme Leader
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A controversial Alzheimer's drug
Page 11
New currency futures as El Salvador accepts Bitcoin
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TIME With...Lupin star Omar Sy
The View
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Janell Ross on Juneteenth
Page 17
Former Treasury chief Larry Summers on the risks of inflation
Page 17
The history of pet adoptions
Page 18
Naomi Osaka's huge off-court victory for athlete health
Page 20
In Plain Sight. How an accused Russian spy worked with Rudy Giuliani to sway a U.S. election By Simon Shuster
Page 30
The Case of Ben Crump. One lawyer's crusade for racial justice By Janell Ross
Page 38
Nowhere to turn. TRouble at the factory making apparel for Kate Hudson's company By Louise Donovan and Refiloe Makhaba Nkune
Page 44
Revisiting Tourism. Residents reclaimed Barcelona in lockdown By Ciara Nugent
Page 48
The Giving Spree. Philanthropy the MacKenzie Scott way By Belinda Luscombe
Page 53
TIME100 Health 2021. A Special report on fixing health care By Alice Park, Jamie Ducharme, Jeffrey Kluger, Abigail Abrams, s.e. smith, Leana Wen, Raj Panjabi, Gavin Yamey and more
Page 46
Rethinking Work After The Pandemic. A tectonic shift begins By Joanne Lipman
Time Off
Page 87
The books of summer: 36 new titles from old hands such as Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and Rita Dove, plus debuts by Ashley C. Ford, Zakiya Dalila Harris, Anna Qu and more
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6 Questions for Bill Clinton and James Patterson
June 21, 2021

VOL. 197, NOS. 23-24


We’ll Never Be The Same.

A TIME100 Health Special