June 20, 2022 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
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Hearings worth watching
Page 12
What to know about COVID-19 booster shots for children
Page 14
Biden's calculations on sending weapons to Ukraine
Page 16
Fighting wildfires—and climate change—from Congress
The View
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The 'Perfect Victim' myth
Page 20
Colombia's election shows staying power of populism
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After the Shooting
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How to stop a mass shooting
Page 34
Europe on the Brink. Ursula von der Leyen prepares the E.U. for its next crisis By Naina Bajekal
Page 40
Landing a House. How three couples managed wins in a brutal real state market By Ronda Kaysen
Page 46
Just Kids. Young Americans challenging the gender binary—and the politics targeting them By Madeleine Carlisle
Page 59
Future Tense. Better batteries and boardrooms. Plus: Leader's decisive moments
Page 75
7 Questions for Borge Brende President of The World Economic Forum
Time Off
Page 77
The Immortal Tracy Flick
Page 81
Ya Author Jenny Han steps behind the camera for a buzzy adaptation
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The best albums of 2022 so far
June 20, 2022

VOL. 199, NOS. 23-24


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