February 26, 2024 issue
The Brief
Page 5
Not a quiet little town
Page 7
Europe's farmers up in arms over reforms
Page 8
American's changing vews about monogamy
Page 10
The rooftop solar industry is in trouble
Page 46
Behind the Scenes With MrBeast. The YouTube powerhouse Jimmy Donaldson has the imagination of a 9-year-old and the work ethic of an Olympic athlete
Page 28
Battle-Tested. How Plantir and its peers are turning Ukrain into both proving ground and showcase for a new generation of weaponry
Page 36
Secretary of Environmental Justice. EPA Administrator Michael Regan coaxes industry to help reverse a sordid legacy
Page 42
Changing Times. Menopause reliably seizes half the population's attention—and is finally getting its due from the medical and business establishments
The View
Page 21
The War Nobody Wants
Page 24
Economie grow just fine without fossil fuels
Page 24
The debatable state of presidential debates
Page 26
The important work of relaxation
February 26, 2024

VOL. 203, NOS. 5-6


MrBeast. How He Became the Most Watched Person In the World