TIME Magazine 2020 June 01 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
Tump's purge of federal watchdogs
Page 7
Update on a COVID-19 vaccine
Page 10
The newly unemployed swamp the gig economy
Page 12
Placing bets in an uncertain market
Page 14
The possible return of baseball
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TIME with...Peloton CEO John Foley
The View
Page 19
Zachary Karabell on the tattered safety net
Page 21
Ian Bremmer on Mexico's risky reopening
Page 22
Belinda Luscombe on masking emotions
Page 23
Sally Susman's touch of gray
Page 24
A road map to recovery, backed by research
Page 26
David French on how unreasonable fear turns deadly
Page 28
The Class of 2020. The world-wary generation the pandemic will define for life. By Charlotte Alter
Page 40
Plus: Kids, teens, college students and new grads on hope, fear and the possibilities after the lockdown
Page 56
The Next Best Hope. How the drug remdesivir moved from back shelf to a key treatment option for

COVID. By Alice Park

Page 64
Bane of Brazil. The pandemic rages as a populit President downplays the threat. By Ciara Nugent
Page 70
Gathering Loss. The people who rise to the challenge of collecting New York City's dead. By W.J. Hennigan
Time Off
Page 85
Quarantine viewing hastens the demise of traditional TV
Page 88
Television: civic pride in Central Park; a Charles and a Diana in Quiz
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Books: a timely novel on India; new fiction from Ivy Pochoda and Stephanie Danler
Page 92
Movies: charm abounds in The Lovebirds; a finale in The Trip to Greece; Drew Dixon On the Record
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7 Questions for author N.K. Jemisin
June 01, 2020

VOL. 195, NO. 20-21


Generation Pandemic