TIME magazine 2018 June 25 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
The wrenching toll of separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border
Page 8
What the Supreme Court's ruling on voter-roll purges means for voting rights
Page 9
Anthony Bourdain's legacy
Page 10
Fighting extremism, onstage
Page 12
TIME with ... humorist David Sedaris
Page 14
A horse for the ages
The View
Page 17
The unreliability of outward appearances
Page 19
When consumers will start noticing the end of net neutrality
Page 19
A World Cup clouded by corruption
Page 20
Trump's Global Gamble: The President's foreign policy is redefining America's role in the world
Page 20
Plus: Analyses by Ian Bremmer, Charlie Campbell, Beatrice Fihn and James Stavridis
Page 32
A Woman's Place: Democratic women are disproportionately winning congressional primaries
Page 36
Dear Son: A portfolio of black fathers and sons and their lessons about race, success and survival
Time Off
Page 45
Book publishers seek a jolt from celebrity imprints
Page 48
Incredibles 2 gets incredibly deep
Page 50
Christina Aguilera reintroduces herself with a new album
Page 51
The case for eating more mushrooms
Page 52
6 Questions for constitutional-law expert Laurence Tribe
June 25, 2018 VOL. 191. NO. 24

The Riskiest Show On Earth