TIME Magazine 2019 October 21 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Republicans and Democrats juggle the politics of impeachment
Page 11
In Syria, Trump abandons U.S. allies
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The new Supreme Court takes up abortion
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TIME with...GOP dissenter Justin Amash
Page 16
Solidarity in Hong Kong
The View
Page 19
Tarana Burke wants #MeToo in the campaign
Page 21
China blocks the NBA on free speech
Page 21
Melinda Gates commits $1 billion to boost gender equality
Page 22
Pamela Newkirk on the failing business of diversity
Page 24
Special Report: At War, at Home. Being soldier under Trump, By James Stavridis
Page 28
A draft will end America's forever war, By Elliot Ackerman
Page 42
When Dad doesn't come home By W.J. Hennigan
Page 52
Scion of the Times. Under A.G. Sulzberger, the New York Times

produces both profit and hope By Karl Vick

Page 60
Cost of Caring. The tangled web of childcare in America

By Katie Reilly and Belinda Luscombe

Page 72
Next Generation Leaders. 10 rising starts who are changing the world
Time Off
Page 87
In Gemini Man Ang Lee doubles down on 3-D
Page 90
Books: Tim O'Brien on fatherhood; The Oman of Celestial Bodies
Page 92
Reviews: Bong Joon-ho's Parasite; the docuseries Why We Hate
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Art: Kara Walker's "overmuch"
Page 96
8 Questions for Succession patriarch Brian Cox
October 21, 2019

VOL. 194, NO. 16-17


Next Generation Leaders