TIME magazine 2019 June 03 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
The Democrat's dilemma on impeachment
Page 9
Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage
Page 12
Global trade makes it hard to buy American
Page 15
Weighing what's safe in sunscreen
Page 16
TIME with actor Jeff Daniels
Page 19
Trump on the campaign trail
The View
Page 23
David French: The danger of war with Iran
Page 25
Ian Bremmer: The weak point of Europe's far right
Page 26
The threat of low-quality generic drugs
Page 28
What immigrants bring with them
Page 30
Fight for the Future: 5G will connect to everything with a chip. And report to Beijing? By Charlie Campbell
Page 40
Nowhere to Go: The Rohingya Muslims endure life in exile. By Feliz Solomon; photographs by James Nachtwey
Page 54
After ISISI: Healing Yezidi boys forced to fight for the caliphate. By Kimberly Dozier
Page 64
World Cup 2019: Alex Morgan is primed to lead the U.S. Women -on the field and in court. By Sean Greogry
Page 76
The Rise of Tik Tok: An app that turns artists into viral stars. By Andrew R. Chow
Time Off
Page 81
Movies: A glorious Elton John biopic
Page 84
Books: Patsy chases the American Dream; Wordslut's vocab lessons; City of Girls embraces women's sexuality
Page 86
Art: The Whitney Biennial; JR's San Francisco mural
Page 92
7 Questions for actor Niecy Nash
June 03, 2019 VOL. 193. NO. 21-22

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