TIME Magazine 2019 July 29 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Trump's most distracting tweets follow losses
Page 7
Chennai, India's Day Zero water shortage
Page 8
The passing of Justice John Paul Stevens
Page 9
England celebrates its cricket World Cup
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TIME with...embattled Olympian Caster Semenya
The View
Page 13
The unique stress of working in an Amazon warehouse
Page 15
Ian Bremmer on Argentina's looming choice
Page 15
Julissa Arce argues for volunteers at the border
Page 16
Moon Shots. Inside the race to set up shop on Earth's only natural satellite. By Jeffrey Kluger
Page 30
Plus: Rare photos of the 1969 Apollo 11 liftoff
Page 34
Cory Booker Abides. Grinding it out in early primary states, the New Jersey Senator says he'll

peak at the end of the year. By Lissandra Villa

Page 38
Surviving a Monster. The Story of former gymnast Sara Teristi, who may have been Larry

Nassar's first victim. By Abigail Pesta

Time Off
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Movies: Considering the Disney remake machine and The Lion King
Page 52
Television: The chore of The Handmaid's Tale; the appeal of Queer Eye; and two new series from

a comedy duo

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Books: Because Internet; the thriller Lady in the Lake
Page 56
7 Questions for novelist Richard Russo
July 29, 2019 VOL. 194, NO. 4

The Next Space Race