TIME magazine 2018 November 19 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
Will the new Iran sanctions work?
Page 9
The fallout from the exit of Attorney General
Page 10
The world's tallest statue in Gujarat, India
Page 12
TIME with... Margrethe Vestager, Europe's antitrust czar
Page 14
London's spike in murders
The View
Page 17
Former Sunday Times editor Harold Evans: the U.S. can do more to protect journalists
Page 19
Ian Bremmer: why China might join the Pacific trade treaty
Page 20
Divided We Stand: A Democratic House, a Republican Senate and a messy two years ahead
Page 30
How women made history
Page 32
Battle for China's Soul: A mixed-martial-arts fighter mixes it up with kung fu
Page 36
Marketing Female Viagra: Not everyone is buying a drug that claims to solve the mystery of desire
Time Off
Page 41
Widows isn't your typical heist movie
Page 44
Eddie Redmayne is tight-lipped about Fantastic Beasts
Page 46
New novels from Anuradha Roy and Idra Novey
Page 48
Television: My Brilliant Friend, The Kominsky Method and The Little Drummer Girl
Page 50
The new mover in American chess
Page 52
8 Questions for actor Diego Luna
November 19, 2018 VOL. 192. NO. 21

Redder. Bluer. Trumpier. The Fight Is About To Get Even Worse