TIME magazine 2018 October 22 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 9
A landmark report on climate change is an urgent call for action
Page 12
The significance of Nikki Haley's departure
Page 13
Ties that bind the new Nobel Peace Prize winners
Page 14
Among the survivors of Indonesia's devastating earthquake
The View
Page 19
The disappearance of a Saudi journalist and the growing brutality of autocrats
Page 21
Ian Bremmer: the worrisome problem of Italy's national debt
Page 21
The latest science on hugging
Page 22
Beyond the Base: Why President Trump's supporters ignore the noise and stick with him
Page 28
Trumpism After Trump
Page 34
Next Generation Leaders: Young trailblazers who are reshaping the world, from an Argentine women's-rights activist and a Saudi storyteller to a global K-pop phenomenon
Time Off
Page 47
The biopic First Man fills in the story of Neil Armstrong
Page 51
Lena Dunham's new show, Camping
Page 52
7 Questions for actor and author Ellie Kemper
October 22, 2018 VOL. 192. NO. 16

Next Generation Leaders: BTS Plus other rising activists, artists and athletes