May 23, 2022 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
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The Other Vaccines
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"Bongbong" Marcos wins Philippine Presidential Election
Page 10
How Depp defenders took over TikTok
Page 11
Why it's hard to find baby formula right now
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Bridging food traditions old and new
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A U.S. Senate candidate drawing a new map for the democrats
The View
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The opportunities in a Global Crisis
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The older order must change
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Limits of CEO activism
Page 32
Unsettled Law. Both sides of the abortion issue mobilize for an overturned Roe v. Wade By Abigail Abrams
Page 36
The Supreme Court may end up reversing more than Roe By Erwin Chemerinsky
Page 37
Our clinic won't shut down. By Robin Marty and Leah Torres
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Shrinking Big Oil. The puzzle of changing a notorious industry when it's ranking in profits By Justin Worland
Page 47
Polar Expeditions. Receding ocean ice reveals costs and opportunities in the Arctic By Aryn Baker
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The Return of Lula. Brazil's former President emerges from political exile to challenge the right-wing incumbent By Ciara Nugent
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Next Generation Leaders. Trailblazers from around the world show the way to a brighter future
Time Off
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Bad Taste is In
Page 84
Chasing Nostalgia in New York City
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TIME Off Recommends
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7 Questions for Jerrod Carmichael
May 23, 2022

VOL. 199, NOS. 19-20


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