TIME magazine 2017 October 23 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
U.S. Senator Bob Corker speaks truth to power
Page 10
Ian Bremmer: How U.S. - Turkey relations got so bad
Page 11
Michael Douglas on the 2017 Nobel Prize winners
Page 12
States passing gun control laws after mass shootings
Page 13
James Stavridis to Trump: Keep enemies close and military advisers closer
Page 14
Art installation in Tecate paints picture of U.S.-Mexico border
The View
Page 17
The downfall of Harvey Weinstein
Page 23
Susanna Schrobsdorff on Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit
The Features
Page 24
Independence Days: Scenes from Catalonia's attempt to break from Spain
Page 30
Free-ish Speech: Why U.S. university students can't talk to one another
Page 38
The Future of Greek Life: Hazing deaths renew debate over fraternity culture
Page 44
A State of Fire: How the Northern California blazes became so destructive
Page 52
Hi, I'm a Robt. Meet the team crafting the Google's voice-activated helper
Page 58
Next Generation Leaders: 10 young men and women making a difference in the world
Page 72
Up Next: Millennial mayors offers fresh a glimpse into the U.S. political future
Page 78
The President's Ex Tells All: Ivana explains how she raised the Trump clan
Page 83
Director David Fincher talks new series Mindhunter
Page 87
The women behind Wonder Woman
Page 89
Actor Austin Hoffman on his father's influences
Page 90
Ta-Nehisi Coate's latest
Page 93
The new joy of playing old video games
Page 95
Kristin van Ogtrop recalls the Million Mom March
Page 96
7 Questions for Ai Weiwei
October 23, 2017 VOL. 190. NO.16-17

Next Generation Leaders: 10 young men and women making a difference in the world