TIME magazine 2018 June 4 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
The haunting pattern of school shootings
Page 7
The European Union's strict new privacy law
Page 8
Will the summit between North Korea and the U.S. happen?
Page 9
Ebola spreads in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Page 9
FDA allows first drug for migraines
Page 10
TIME with ... U.S. spy chief Dan Coats
The View
Page 15
How protectionism limits global growth
Page 17
Ian Bremmer on Italy's odd-couple leaders
Page 17
Writer Michael Pollan on the benefits of psychedelic drugs
Page 18
How Britain Celebrated
Page 24
The Revolutionary Royal
Page 28
A New Kind of History
Page 32
Regal Family Tree
Page 33
The Dress
Page 34
Meghan by the Book
Page 35
Who Needs the Royals?
Time Off
Page 45
Summer Reading: 25 new page-turners
Page 46
Rachel Cusk, author of Kudos
Page 47
The best novels for book clubs
Page 48
The latest short stories
Page 49
Six historical reads
Page 50
Movies: Solo: A Star Wars Story
Page 52
7 Questions for Jeremy Irons
June 4, 2018 VOL. 191. NO. 21

The Modern Royals