TIME magazine 2017 August 21 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Tensions with North Korea near a full boil
Page 7
A controversial proposal for the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan
Page 8
Ian Bremmer grades Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Page 9
Facts vs. alternative facts
Page 10
An insurgency stirs in Venezuela
The View
Page 15
A total solar eclipse could provide unity for a divided nation
Page 18
The power of microgrids: why small-circle energy grids are increasingly popular
Page 19
New research on bird brains reveals clues about the inner workings of human brains
Page 20
Greening China's Kubuqi Desert
The Features
Page 22
Call of Duty: Newly installed as White House chief of staff, retired General John Kelly is bringing a dose of military discipline to the West Wing
Page 28
A Cancer Breakthrough: A revolutionary gene therapy can convert the body's own cells into cancer-destroying agents
Page 34
The King's Long Legacy: Forty years after Elvis Presley's death, the icon's rise, fall and rebirth offers a window on America
Page 43
Aubrey Plaza steps out in Ingrid Goes West
Page 46
A new documentary on the Ferguson protests
Page 48
TV: New family comedy Atypical; the return of Difficult People
Page 49
Novelist Tom Perrotta's Mrs. Fletcher
Page 51
Susanna Schrobsdorff: curb your nostalgia
Page 52
8 Questions for Jeff Flake, the GOP Senator taking aim at the President
August 21, 2017 VOL.190. NO.7

General John Kelly: Trump’s Last Best Hope