TIME Magazine 2019 Dec. 16 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
The haze over Afghanistan
Page 10
Uproar in Malta over journalist's murder
Page 13
John Dean remembers William Ruckelshaus
Page 14
Boom in business for bullet-proof gear
Page 16
TIME with...free-range artist Theaster Gates
Page 18
Iraq in turmoil
The View
Page 23
Fintan O'Toole on England's identity crisis
Page 25
Ian Bremmer on exploding tariffs against Argentina,

Brazil and France

Page 25
Why Western leaders should prioritize happiness
Page 26
Whose Man in Kyviv? Ukraine President Volodymyr

Zelensky pushes back. By Simon Shuster

Page 32
Embracing Impeachment. How Trump's campaign uses Facebook to

rally support and raise millions. By Brian Bennett & Chris Wilson

Page 38
A General Absence. What U.S. foreign policy looks like

without the "axis of adults" By Peter Bergen

Time Off
Page 43
The 2019 best of culture: top 10 movies, performances,

TV shows, albums, songs, theater and podcasts

Page 56
7 Questions for filmmaker Greta Gerwig
December 16, 2019

VOL. 194, NO. 26


The Man in the Middle