TIME magazine 2018 December 17 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 7
Riots test France's Macron
Page 9
Mexico's change President
Page 10
A deal to curtail fentanyl in China
Page 11
Remembering an ambassador of Mexican chefs
Page 12
TIME with... author and teacher John McPhee
Page 14
Under pressure, mobile-home residents unite
The View
Page 15
The danger of expecting too much from Robert Mueller
Page 17
Ian Bremmer of the U.S.-China trade cease-fire
Page 17
Whither history majors?
Page 36
In war-torn Mosul, debate over how to rebuild
Page 18
George H.W. Bush: A legacy of service
Page 24
George H.W. Bush: Remembering my friend
Page 28
George H.W. Bush: An impactful presidency
Page 34
George H.W. Bush: Photographing 41
Page 38
California Burning: Inside a deadly fire season
Page 48
Photos of the Year: A momentous 12 months in images
Page 72
The Heart Watcher: Smart watches up their health game
Page 80
For His Next Act: Moonlight director Barry Jenkins takes James Baldwin to the big screen
Time Off
Page 87
Spider-Man's staying power
Page 90
Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets the Hollywood treatment
Page 91
Books: the sounds and sights of London
Page 92
11 Questions for Lin-Manuel Miranda
December 17, 2018 VOL. 192. NO. 25-26

The Bush Legacy