TIME magazine 2018 February 26 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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War in Syria
Page 6
European Parliament to review daylight saving time
Page 10
Ian Bremmer on the future of South Africa and Jacob Zuma
Page 11
Facebook confirms test of a downvote button
Page 12
Earthquake strikes Taiwan
Page 14
Jennie Willoughby, a former wife of White House staffer Rob Porte, speaks out
The View
Page 15
When men can't silence women
page 16
A top U.S. naval commander in the Pacific on tracking North Korea
Page 17
How to respond to a rude person
Page 18
Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald on painting Barack and Michelle Obama's portraits
Page 20
The Voters Trump Forgot: Why the President's base is still with him
Page 26
The Business of Human Smuggling: It's boom times for those moving people illegally across borders
Page 34
Puerto Rico from Above: Harrowing images of the U.S. territory's slow recovery from Hurricane Maria
Page 72
The 2018 Winter Olympics: As the politics recede, the athletes take center stage at PyeongChang
Page 78
Jordan Peele on Culture, Race and Fear: A conversation with the Oscar-nominated director of Get Out
Time Off
Page 85
Natalie Portman stars in Annihilation
Page 88
Black Panther reviewed
Page 90
A reading list for Black History Month
Page 91
My connection to the Berlin Wall
Page 92
9 Questions for entrepreneur Chris Hughes
February 26, 2018 VOL. 191. NO. 7-8

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