October 25/ Nov 01, 2021 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 9
Mitch McConnell's debt-ceiling dare
Page 14
Afghan refugees alight in Wisconsin
Page 15
A global corporate minimum tax
Page 16
Prison for the Italian mayor who welcomed migrants
Page 18
TIME With...retired U.S. Army general Stanley McChrystal
Page 20
The consequences of California's offshore oil leak
The View
Page 23
Sean Gregory on Nike's silence about Kyrie Irving's vaccine hesitancy
Page 25
Dr. Raj Panjabi on preparing for the next pandemic
Page 25
Ian Bremmer on Central Europe's fragile democracies
Page 26
Facebook Exposed/ The skewed priorities of the social media giant By Billy Perrigo
Page 31
Plus: The industry will not change on its own By Roger McNamee
Page 34
The Future of Money. Past is prologue By Jacob Goldstein
Page 38
The promise of the NFT world By Andrew R. Chow
Page 44
El Salvador's bet on crypto By Ciara Nugent
Page 48
Black Bitcoin By Janell Ross
Page 54
Fish Tale. Vanishing salmon pit tribes against officials By Brian Bennett
Page 64
For the Prosecution. Atlanta's first Black female DA eyes Donald Trump By Janell Ross
Page 72
LGBTQ in Korea. A community rises against discrimination By Sungsub Billy Choo and Sangsuk Sylvia Kang
Page 78
Next Generation Leaders. Showing the way forward
Time Off
Page 93
Television's vanishing middle class
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Books: In the kitchen with David Chang and Priya Krishna; the fall's best cookbooks
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Movies: Last night in Soho captures 1960s London; an overcrowded The Harder They Fall; Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch
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8 Questions for author Elizabeth Strout
October 25, 2021

VOL. 198, NOS. 15-16


The Promise of Timothée Chalamet