The Brief
Page 7
What they saw—Photographs by America's student journalists
Page 12
Who is spending the most lobbying on AI policy?
Page 13
Vladimir Putin—A fifth term for Russia's leader
Page 16
5 compliments that land every time
Page 46
COVER STORY: Next Generation Leaders—Ncuti Gatwa. The new face of Dr Who
Page 26
Trump Take 2—In exclusive interviews, the 45th President tells TIME his goals for a second term
Page 38
Beneath the Gobi—Mongolia, wedged between China and Russia, sees a brighter future in selling uranium to the West
Page 58
Hunting Toxins—Inside the private lab that keeps finding troubling chemicals in drugs and beauty products
The View
Page 17
How to win Cold War II
Page 19
How France could take a turn to the right
Page 22
In a world of dog shows, learning to love mutts
Page 23
The case for warnings on sugary foods
May 27, 2024

VOL. 203, NOS. 17-18


Next Generation Leaders: Ncuti Gatwa