TIME Magazine 2021 March 15 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
Making the vaccines vigilant
Page 8
Who's afraid of Saudi Arabia?
Page 9
Milestones: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Page 10
At-home bakeries
Page 12
A ski town stays open
Page 14
TIME With...Belarus' Svetlana Tikhanovskaya
Page 16
Myanmar protests
Page 18
Fitness: back to basics
The View
Page 19
Representative Marie Newman and Evie Newman on the case for the Equality Act
Page 21
Ian Bremmer on the woes of a Turkish strongman
Page 22
A chat with Kazuo Ishiguro
Page 22
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's favorite collars
Page 24
Weather-proofing infrastructure
Page 26
Homegrown Threats. Can Joe Biden curb surging right-wing extremism? By Vera Bergengruen and W.J. Hennigan
Page 32
Missed Shots. Vaccinations skip those the virus hits hardest By Janell Ross
Page 38
A League of Her Own. Marlins GM Kim Ng makes history By Sean Gregory
Page 44
Justice Delayed. The mess COVID-19 has made of criminal courts By Melissa Chan
Page 48
Women and the Pandemic. Isolation, despair and fortitude By Jaquira Díaz
Page 54
Forced to choose between kids and work By Eliana Dockertman
Page 62
A sisterhood of mothers By Jasmine Aguilera
Page 68
The rise of India's protestin women farmers By Nilanjana Bhowmick
Page 76
Ceyenne Doroshow on doing housing right By Cady Lang
Page 78
New ways to put food on the table By Mariah Espada and Abby Vesoulis
Page 82
Taking on domestic violence in Russia By Madeline Roache
Time Off
Page 89
Britney in retrospect: postfeminist pop culture revisited
Page 92
Books: the reads of March
Page 94
Movies: Barb and Star and the rise of the instant cult classic
Page 96
7 Questions for Minari director Lee Isaac Chung
March 15, 2021

VOL. 197, NO. 9-10


On the Front Lines of India’s Farmer Protests