May 22, 2023 issue
The Brief
Page 5
Digital Blind Spot: The U.S. government's security-clearance process is truggling to keep up online
Page 8
The woman suing Fox News
Page 10
Playing Magic: The gathering with a senate candidate
Page 14
Private security is replacing police
Page 32
Beyond Bollywood: Deepika Padukone, India's most popular actress, has a vision for what it means to be a truly global superstar
Page 24
His Majesty: Even before the pageantry of his coronation, King Charles was doing a lot things right
Page 38
Lone Star Promise: Texas could be the global leader in alternative energy—if it took a liking to the idea
Page 42
A New Japan: Prime Minister Fumio Kishida faces down his country's ghosts
The View
Page 17
Our Covid-19 Lessons
Page 19
Turkey's momentous election challenge
Page 20
The suicide crisis overwhelming American girls
Page 23
What mothers really want for Mother's Day
May 22, 2023

VOL. 201, NOS. 19-20


Breakout Star: Deepika Padukone