TIME Magazine 2020 Feb 17 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Emboldened Trump makes his 2020 case
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Trump's travel ban expands six new countries
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News Ticker
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Brexit finally happened. But will Scotland end up back in the E.U.?
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Changing gear
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After cancer took his mother, James Allison taught our immune systems how to fight it
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How Black Lives Matter is changing Black History Month
The View
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Closing the pleasure gap
Page 21
Tests did not save schools, but money could
Page 22
Adrift After Iowa. By Molly Ball and Lissandra Villa/Des Moines
Page 28
Crisis Mode. By Charlie Campbell
Page 33
The Economic Impact of the Outbreak. By Ian Bremmer
Page 38
The Pandemic of Xenophobia. By Sonia Shah
Page 38
Early detection is a key defense. By Pardis Sabeti
Page 39
Lessons from Ebola. By Dr. Peter Piot
Page 40
The race for a Vaccine against this virus, and the ones coming after. By Alice Park
Page 42
Long road home. By Raisa Bruner
Time Off
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Franchise feminism is all the rage. Or is it?
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In a spin on High Fidelity, Kavitz covers Cusack
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Waad al-Kateab
February 17, 2020

VOL. 195, NO. 6


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