Dec. 06/ Dec. 13, 2021 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Naming the Unknown. The Trapp brothers died at Pearl Harbor. It took 80 years to identify their remains
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Climate diplomacy brings U.S. and China closer together
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How do self-defense claims like Kyle Rittenhouse's really work?
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India's Modi cancels farm reforms
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There's no trucker shortage; the real problem is trucking jobs
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Second patient's immune system clears HIV without the help of drugs
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Nation. Blame COVID-19 for a travel ban on dogs
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Russia's antisatellite test threatens ISS
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Single people today care less about looks
The View
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Why Families need paid leave
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Russia's uncertain game on the Ukrainian border
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Space TIME By Jeffrey Kluger
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The new, more relaxed rules for office dressing By S. Mitra Kalita
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What I give up to fly as a disabled person By Rebekah Taussig
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Whistle-Blower Frances Haugen's life before Facebook compelled her to expose the company's secrets
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Melting Pot. To understand why teaching race has become an incendiary political issue, look no further than one school's fight over "cultural responsiveness" By Molly Ball
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Wind Workers. The U.S. East Coast is preparing to draw energy from offshore wind farms. And trainees are preparing for the jobs they're told will come too By Alejandro de la Garza
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'Peak Redundancy' The burden of TV streaming services that want to be all things to everyone By Judy Berman
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The Year in Photos. Moments of clarity, in a 2021 marked by fraught transitions
Time Off
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Bringing down the house By Stephanie Zacharek
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Back to the 70's with Paul Thomas Anderson
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Independent musicians find a lifeline in NFT's
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9 Questions for Dmitry Muratov a winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize on who should have gotten it, the role of fear in Russian life and why media freedom matters
December 06, 2021

VOL. 198, NOS. 21-22


The Making of A Whistleblower