TIME Magazine 2020 July 20 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
Beijing clamps down on Hong Kong
Page 8
Florida's fraught reopening
Page 9
Milestones: composer Ennio Morricone; actor Nick Cordero
Page 10
Roadblocks to pelice reform
Page 12
Back-to-school mess
Page 14
TIME with...novelist David Mitchell
Page 16
Remembering Breonna Taylor
The View
Page 19
Gavin Yamey on the power of masks
Page 21
Ian Bremmer on crisis in Ethiopia
Page 22
The history of social distancing
Page 22
A single act of carelessness
Page 23
Singing through a crisis
Page 24
A meme with deeper meaning
Page 26
Q+A with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla
Page 28
Climate Crossroads. This is the year By Justin Worland
Page 37
America's four-year plan. By Jeffrey Kluger
Page 38
How to save the oceans By Aryn Baker
Page 48
Q+A with activist Vanessa Nakate By Angelina Jolie
Page 52
XR comes of age By Ciara Nugent
Page 60
Equalizing the environment By Justin Worland
Page 66
The meat trap By Emily Barone
Page 68
The Paris Plan By Vivienne Walt
Page 33
Plus viewpoints by: Asmerete Asefaw Berhe
Page 35
Stacey Abrams
Page 41
Mark Ruffalo and Rahwa Ghirmatzion
Page 51
Sebastian Kurz
Page 59
Greta Thunberg
Page 63
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Page 71
The Dalai Lama
Page 92
Oliver Jeffers
Page 72
Biden's Top Cop? Why Representative Val Demings, Orlando's former police

chief, could be the VP Nominee By Lissandra Villa

Page 76
Risky Business. How MLMs are thriving By Abby Vesoulis and Eliana Dockterman
Time Off
Page 85
The power of Black fiction
Page 88
TV: Peacock's empty Brave New World; an implausible Little Voice; border crisis in Stateless
Page 90
Movies: smart action in The Old Guard; an urgent message from John Lewis: Good Trouble; love in Palm Springs
July 20, 2020

VOL. 196, NOS. 3-4


One Last Chance