Sep 26, 2022 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
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Tapped Out
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What lies in store for King Charles III
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What's next for the Jan. 6 committee
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Jean-Luc Godard: A new wave trailblazer
The View
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When to Boost
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A dangerous war in Ukraine grows more uncertain
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America's Third Reconstruction
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The Age of Elizabeth. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II spanned seven decades that seemed to change everything except Britain's longest serving monarch By Steve Dougherty and Larry Sutton
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Nuclear Option. Under the prairie with crews struggling to maintain a Cold War arsenal that would cost $100 billion to fully upgrade By W.J. Hennigan
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Climate Changes. Playing for Time: As the human cost of climate change accelerates, signs of hope emerge By Justin Worland
Page 56
Urging Action: Author Margaret Atwood on the importance of being positive about the future By Lucy Feldman
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The Other Amazon: The online retailer is buying up wind or solar capacity worldwide in its drive to reach net-zero carbon by 2040 By Andrew Blum
Time Off
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Celeste Ng's hard truths By Lucy Feldman
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Sexist gossip overshadows Don't Worry Darling
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The trouble with nostalgic sitcom reboots
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7 Questions for Mary Petola on being the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, the limits of Sarah Palin, and the virtues of ranked-choice ballots
Sep 26, 2022

VOL. 200, NOS. 11-12


The Queen

Elizabeth II