TIME magazine 2019 March 25 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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A second crash puts pressure on Boeing and the FAA.
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Russians protest state control of the Internet.
Page 8
Saudi women afraid to go home.
Page 10
The Guardians: Struggling for press freedom in Azerbaijan.
Page 12
Time with college-basketball maven Jay Bilas.
Page 14
Outside the last ISIS stronghold.
The View
Page 19
The lagging response to severe weather warnings.
Page 21
Ian Bremmer: Don't underestimate Trump in 2020.
Page 22
Anand Giridharadas meets both Elizabeth Warrens.
Page 23
A scandal exposes the hollowness of chasing elite college degrees.
Page 24
Bracing for Battle: House Democrats say they don't plan to impeach the President. But it's likely to change. By Molly Ball
Page 32
The New Slavery: Africans lose their freedom migrating to Europe. By Aryn Baker
Page 40
Girl, build Your Brand: This time last year Rachel Hollis was a marketer. Now she's a guru. By Belinda Luscombe
Time Off
Page 45
Gayle King's mid-career glow
Page 48
Movies: The Mustang and The Aftermath
Page 49
Books: Amy Hempel's Sing to it and Laila Lalami's The Other Americans
Page 50
Country musician Maren Morris
Page 52
8 Questions for cardiologist Dr. Eric Topol
March 25, 2019 VOL. 193. NO. 11

Do They Dare?