TIME Magazine 2021 May 10 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Joe Biden goes big in his first 100 days
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U.S. recognizes Armenian genocide
Page 8
Japan's Olympic problem
Page 9
Milestones: astronaut Michael Collins; fashion designer Alber Elbaz
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TIME with...graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel
Page 12
Should masks stay after COVID-19 is gone?
The View
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Daniel Markovits on the need for a onetime wealth tax
Page 15
Ian Bremmer on Putin's strategy with a show of force
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Medical journals should be writing about racism
Page 16
Crisis of Complacency. India's health care system buckles as COVID-19 cases surge By Naina Bajekal
Page 22
Viewpoint: Narendra Modi's responsibility By Rana Ayyub
Page 24
Justice for George Floyd. The verdict released emotions from a wound acknowledged but nowhere near healed By Janell Ross
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Plus: Activists look to the future By Josiah Bates
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TIME100 Most Influential Companies. Which Companies are shaping our Future?
Page 36
The Future of Business By Edward Felsenthal
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DISRUPTERS. Shaking up the Status Quo
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TITANS. Driving the Global Economy
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PIONEERS. Charting New Paths
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INNOVATORS. Developing Inventive Solutions
Time Off
Page 87
Actor Uzo Aduba gets personal in In Treatment
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Books: the best of May
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Quick Talk with author Jhumpa Lahiri
Page 92
8 Questions for Olympic athlete Caster Semenya
May 10, 2021

VOL. 197, NO. 17-18


The Future of Business