TIME Magazine 2020 November 02 issue
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From the Editor
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 9
Key Senate races to watch
Page 11
Young Nigerians protest police brutality
Page 14
Why women are leaving the workforce
Page 16
War in the Caucasus
The View
Page 19
Gavin Yamey on the false allure of herd immunity
Page 21
What Stephanie Land learned about grief after miscarriage
Page 22
TIME with...departing British spy chief Alex Younger
Page 24 - Election 2020: America's Test
Trump and Biden sell dueling visions to a weary electorate By Molly Ball
Page 30
Everything to know about casting your ballot
Page 36
The false narrative of voter fraud By Vera Bergengruen
Page 38
Efforts to suppress the Black vote By Justin Worland
Page 39
The election is already in court By Alana Abramson
Page 40
A new "army" of poll watchers By W.J. Hennigan and Vera Bergengruen
Page 42
Exhale: the U.S. will be O.K. By Molly Ball
Page 46 - The Childcare Crisis
Day cares may not survive By Abby Vesoulis
Page 49
A hopeful model By Belinda Luscombe
Page 56 - The Great Reset
Out of the crucible: an inclusive, sustainable economy By Mazzucato
Page 59
Plus: Viewpoints from Jane Fraser, Darren Walker,Yuriko Koike, Ian Bremmer,

Kristalina Georgieva, Marcos Galperin, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Yo-Yo Ma and more

Page 62
Taclink tech's social problem By the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Page 64
Poland's coal and Europe's future By Justin Worland
Page 72
A more virtuous capitalism is possible By Klaus Schwab
Page 76
An architect's blueprint for earth By Ciara Nugent
Page 83
Work and flow By Alana Semuels
Page 91 - Best Fantasy Books
The 100 greatest works of all time; preface by N.K. Jemisin
Nov 02, 2020

VOL. 196, NO. 16-17


The Great Reset