TIME magazine 2018 January 29 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
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Hawaii's missile-alert misfire sounds alarm about preparedness in the smartphone age
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Cape Town's water crisis
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House Speaker Paul Ryan's job gets even worse
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Ian Bremmer on why deteriorating U.S.-Pakistan relations bolster China
Page 12
Runway scare in Turkey
The View
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Jon Meacham looks back at the watershed year 1968
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China leads the charge on electric-car production
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The Innovator.
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The Movement. A record number of women are running for office for the first time, and they are poised to transform U.S. politics
Page 32
The Big Thaw. Photos reveal the depths and dangers of Antarctica's melting sea ice
Time Off
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A Hollywood bounty to ward off the winter chill
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Steven Soderbergh's latest, Mosaic, on HBO; Quick Talk with star Sharon Stone
Page 45
Indie musicians to listen to now
Page 46
Finding the most helpful lifestyle guidebooks
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8 Questions for TV pundit Van Jones
January 29, 2018 VOL. 191. NO. 3

The Innovator.  Baidu’s Robin Li takes on the titans of Silicon Valley