The Brief
Page 6
Guilty on all counts
Page 10
Surprise and significance in India's election
Page 11
The meaning of Mexico's first female president
Page 12
Washington's point woman on artificial intelligence
Page 42
COVER STORY: Standing Up To the Giant—The new President of Taiwan emphasizes the island's growing sense of independence, and Beijing is making its consternation known
Page 26
How Joe Biden Leads—In a White House interview, the 46th President makes an election-year case for continued U.S. leadership—and his own
Page 34
Coercive Contraception—Women allege that some doctors are quick to pressure Black or poor mothers into long-acting birth control, whether or not they prefer it
Page 48
Take It Easy—Expert-backed tips on napping, vacationing, and more. Because both your happiness and your health depend on being able to kick back—this summer and always
The View
Page 21
Sharing Grief Amid War
Page 23
Taking Bigger Risks With Russia
Page 24
A Case of the Summertime Blues
Jul 15, 2024

VOL. 204, NOS. 1-2


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