TIME Magazine 2021 August 02 issue
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For the Record
The Brief
Page 5
Europe's floods and the climate
Page 8
The forces driving Cuba's protests
Page 10
Minnesota prosecutors troubled by the case of Terrance Franklin
Page 12
Wandering elephants in China
Page 13
How one company answered a cyberattack
Page 14
TIME with...author and activist Heather McGhee
The View
Page 17
Dimitry Elias Léger on what Haiti needs now
Page 19
Ian Bremmer on the U.S.-China competition for digital dominance
Page 19
Ethan Brown on the real price of meat
Page 20
Oppositional Force. Tucker Carlson's studied defiance drives the conservative agenda By Charlotte Alter
Page 28
Workers Take Carge. Low-wage employees finally hold the reins. For how long? By Alana Semuels
Page 36
Plus: The ongoing search for an empathetic workplace By Anne Helen Petersen
Page 41
Bosses struggle to adjust By Kevin J. Delaney
Page 42
Send in the dogs By Melissa Chan
Page 46
Portraits of Resilience. After assaults, Asian-American elders persevere By Helen Zia and Melissa Chan
Page 55
The World's 100 Greatest Places. Getting back out there (or starting to) with TIME's third annual list
Time Off
Page 87
Tommy Dorfman on her gender evolution
Page 90
Television: Ted Lasso and the search for the perfect male human
Page 92
Movies: The Green Knight is splendid; Matt Damon nails Stillwater; a self-portrait of an actor in Val
Page 94
Music: the legacy of Britney Spears
Page 96
10 Questions for spelling-bee champ Zaila Avant-garde
August 02, 2021

VOL. 198, NOS. 5-6


The World’s 100 Greatest Places