Nov 21, 2022 issue
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The Brief
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Musk's $8 plan to save Twitter
Page 7
Lula's win in Brazil gives the Amazon a fighting chance
Page 8
The trouble with mega lottery jackpots
Page 10
Rethinking indigenous foods and the "First Thanksgiving"
Page 12
How to make yourself love mornings
The View
Page 19
Next year's energy crisis
Page 21
The mystery of the National mood
Page 22
Pakistan's perilous politics
Page 23
Prepare for a COVID-19 surge
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A New Kind of Midterm. An off-year election is usually a referendum on the incumbent President, but it was 45th who loomed over this vote—and held Republicans back once again By Molly Ball
Page 29
Best Inventions 2022. TIME's annual list of innovative products doubles in size this year and ranges ever further, from a robotic scalpel and a swim cap for textured hair to a lithium battery that's both smaller and more powerful than the ones we have
Page 54
Under the Sun. After the heat-related deaths of thousands of migrant workers, hosting the World Cup compelled Qatar to develop protocols for working outdoors safely in a rapidly warming world By Aryn Baker
Time Off
Page 69
Everybody loves a cowboy. Yellowstone's runaway success may be driven by the heartland. But its appeal transcends politics.
Page 72
A novel about divorced one-percenters doesn't translate onscreen
Page 74
Lauren Graham revisits Nora Ephron's wisdom on aging
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6 Questions for F. Murray Abraham The Oscar-winning actor talks about the new season of The White Lotus on HBO, acting in his ninth decade, and growing up on the Mexican border
Nov 21, 2022

VOL. 200, NOS. 19-20


The Best Inventions of 2022