FORTUNE magazine 2018 September 1 Issue
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Profit for Progress: These companies bust the myth that you can't make a difference while making a buck
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Done Playing With Wall Street: Elon Musk, backed by Saudi billions, wants to delist Tesla from the Nasdaq. It may be more hassle than it's worth
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Turnover at the Top: How change in the corner office is impacting the diversity of the Fortune 500
Page 11
Advertisers Yet to Throw Flag on NFL: Continued player protests are unlikely to deter the league's commercial partners
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Do You Know Where the Children Are? The U.S. Census doesn't. And there are serious repercussions for undercounting under 5s
Page 13
The Great Game in the Sky: Like music and movies before it, the video game industry confronts streaming and business model disruption
Page 15
Golden Touch: How to build a health and wellness empire
Page 17
Good Behavior, Heavenly Returns: Owning stock in a bunch of socially responsible companies is a recipe for beating the market
Page 20
In The Lab of Luxury: Rejecting the hegemony of Silicon Valley startup culture, these rebels are stirring tech's soul
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Making the World Great Again: Change the World: Where the profit motive works for the planet
Page 40
The Wind at Green Energy's Back: Clean-energy projects once struggled to attract financing. Then Bank of America found the formula that lured more money into green investing
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100 Fastest-Growing Companies: The 32nd edition of Fortune's list ranks the top performers worldwide in revenues, profits, and stock returns over the past three years
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SPECIAL REPORT: Blood, Sweat, and Batteries: Two-thirds of the world's cobalt, a vital ingredient in smartphones and electric cars, come from one of the planet's poorest countries. All too often it is minded by children
Last Byte
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The Need for Speed: With the rollout of 5G set to begin, how do U.S. cities compare with the rest of the globe in cellular download speed?
September 1, 2018 Vol. 178, No. 3

Make The World Great Again