FORTUNE magazine 2018 June 1 Issue
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Solving a Wireless Merger Mystery: T-Mobile and Sprint have been trying to fit together, since 2014, but regulators haven't been convinced. Could 5G be the key piece of the puzzle?
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Ford's Car Escape: The humble sedan will soon be an afterthought to the company that built the American car industry
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Barbie's Diversity Dance: Despite a few slip-ups, Mattel should double down on more-inclusive Barbies
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Vacation, G7-Style: A Quebecois guide to foreign policy, piste, and poutine
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America's Scooter Showdown: They've descended on U.S. cities overnight, but are our streets ready?
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Man in the Middle: Meet Ro Khanna, a little-known congressman who represents some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley
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The Last Gasp of the Boys' Club: A dozen Fortune 500 boards still lack a single female director. What will it take to bring the holdouts into the age of equality?
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Beauty Sleep: In a nonstop world, bed might be the ultimate luxury
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The Annual Fortune 500: The definitive benchmark of America's biggest companies
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The Long Game: Every Fortune 500 CEO knows he or she should be managing for the long term. Why do so many of them get stuck on the next quarter?
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Amazon Gets Fresh: What does the e-commerce titan want from its purchase of Whole Foods? Not much - just total retail domination
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Facebook's Fix-It Team: To purge bad posts, the social network is hiring thousands of moderators and deploying leading-edge A.I. It's also collecting even more data about its users
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What the Hell Happened? Few corporate melt-downs have been as dramatic as General Electric's. The question is whether this great company can come back
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How JPMorgan Learned to Love the Blockchain: To take advantage of finance's buzziest innovations, America's biggest bank had to figure out how to collaborate with hacker types. The cultural collision could pay off
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Lone Star Rising: In a dusty swath of West Texas known as the Permian Basin, a historic oil boom is pushing U.S. oil production to record levels and bringing sudden wealth to locals - along with some thorny challenges
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Paper Jam! Xerox had planned to sell itself to Fujifilm - until activist Carl Icahn and a Texas billionaire blocked the deal. Inside the craziest showdown raging on Wall Street today
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The Fortune 500: Then and Now - A graphic look through the ages
June 1, 2018 Vol. 177, No. 6

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