FORTUNE magazine 2018 November 1 Issue
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Full Employment? The Economy Isn't Acting Like It: Low levels of joblessness have historically preceded catastrophe. But maybe not this time
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Christmas Without Toys 'R' Us: Who will move in to fill the space under your tree?
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This Vaccine CEO Doesn't Get a Flu Shot. Should You? America spends $1.8 billion on flu shots every year. Are they worth it?
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Facebook's Poorly Timed Gadget Play: The company lost your private data. Now it wants to put a camera in your home
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Netflix Looks in the Wardrobe to Find a Fantasy Hit: Tales of myth make the big bucks
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Meet Tech's New Bounty Hunters: Some are called "Bird Chargers." Others, "Lime Juicers." Together, they are the human engine powering the multibillion-dollar electric scooter business
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Frank Gehry: The award-winning architect tells Fortune how he got started
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Napa Done Right: It's harvest season: the best time of year to visit the West Coast's finest vineyards
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A Global Hunt for the Next Champions: To find the Future 50, we scour today's data to identify tomorrow's top performers. And this year we've expanded our search to cover the world
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The List: The second annual Future 50 identifies companies demonstrating steady execution and forward-looking strategic agility
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The Four Waves of A.I.: Read on for some deep learning: The former president of Google China explains why this technology is on the verge of its next breakthrough
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25 Ways A.I. Is Changing Business: From what we eat to drug development to product design, every facet of our work and lives is touched by A.I. Here's what's changing-and which companies will benefit
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It Might Get Loud: Amazon, Apple, and Google are investing billions to make voiced recognition the main way we communicate with the Internet. It will be the biggest tech shift since the iPhone
Last Byte
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Voter ID: A look at the cultural, economic, and political divides that could help determine the congressional midterms
November 1, 2018 Vol. 178, No. 5

The Future 50