FORTUNE magazine 2017 July 1 Issue
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The Deal That Made an Industry Shudder: Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition could affect every company that touches the food we eat.
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"Peak TV" is Further Away Than We Think: The Boom is scripted shows an major networks may be tapering, but that doesn't mean the drama's cover.
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So Much for That Brexit Mandate: Theresa May's botched election has left her government in chaos. For U.K. businesses, though, it offers hope for closer EU ties.
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Car Wreck: What Uber Means for the Valley. The company's self-inflicted wounds are likely to have a wide-ranging impact on startup culture, regulations, and more.
Page 13
Drink Local, Buy Global. There's a good chance that locally brewed beer you're drinking is actually part of a giant multinational corporation.
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Celebs Dabble in Weird Food: Perfume sponsorship is so last season.
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Fortune on the Global Stage: Highlights from two confabs an ocean apart - our Most Powerful Women International Summit in London and the Northside Festival in Brooklyn.
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Slack's Quest to Make Work Easier: CEO Stewart Butterfield on saving you time and hassle on the job.
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A Forerunner in Venture Capital: Kirsten Green founded a one-woman VC firm in 2003 - and has piled up the investing hits ever since.
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Doing Business In: Frankfurt: A seasoned hotelier offers tips for your next business trip to the international financial center - along with the best ways to extend your stay.
Page 23
On Message, Off Target: The world is eager to adopt, startup-style business practices. But what if those practices are wrong?
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Business Under Cyberassault: Cybercrime is surging to new highs, and the cost to companies is soaring. Here's how they're fighting back, and what you need to know to protect your digital assets.
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Google's Elite Hacker SWAT Team vs. Everyone: Brash. Controversial. A guard against rising digital threats around the globe. Google's Project Zero is securing the Internet on its own terms. Is that a problem?
Page 40
Why Free Money Could Be the Future of Work: Some tech headers believe A.i. and automation will leave millions permanently unemployed. Their solution: a "universal basic income" that could redefine what it means to earn a living.
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Can Bitcoin's First Felon Make a Comeback? After a year in prison, Charlie Shrem is back in the game - just as the value of cryptocurrencies is taking off.
Page 58
Betting It All, With Brand-New Chips: Over the past dedcade, Advanced Micro Devices has plunged from innovator to also-ran CEO Lisa Su is counting on a bold advance in technology to power it back up.
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Most Wanted Minerals: Mapping the shortage of key natural resources that may put the proliferation of iPhones, Teslas, and other tech innovations at risk.
July 1, 2017 Vol. 176, No. 9

HACKED. Here’s how Google and others are fighting back.