FORTUNE magazine 2018 February 1 Issue
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Super Bowl Ads Can't Save TV: Marketers will spend millions on TV advertising during football's main event. It won't be enough.
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Retailers' Secret Weapon Is ... Food? Why groceries are suddenly a hot business.
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The Decline of American Fertility: Falling U.S. birth rates could precipitate an economic crisis.
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Tech Dissatisfaction, Version 99.0: It's easier than ever for companies to update products remotely - or stunt them. And consumers are taking notice.
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A Hotel-Turned-Jail Will Soon Turn Back: The Saudi kingdom's most luxurious hotel has been doubling as a detention facility. How bad is that for business?
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Open the Pod Bay Doors: Meet Aurora, a spunky self-driving-car startup with a potent pedigree and powerful partnerships.
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Out of Prison and Into the Valley: Tech entrepreneurs are finding that hiring former prisoners can provide a social good and make great business sense.
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Can Video Game Stocks Level Up? Gamemakers have been some of the biggest stock winners in tech, but investors fear the rally could run out of lives. Here's why it isn't "game over" just yet.
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Champagne Beyond the Bubbles: It's the drink of choice for celebrations, but Champagne is a wine that deserves to be enjoyed long past the hors d'oeuvres.
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Ready, Set, Jump! The job market is hotter than ever - and, for those in search of a new adventure, now's the time to take the leap.
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Grit Is the New MBA: To compete in rapidly changing markets, companies need workers who are creative and resilient - and have proved it in real life.
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The World's Most Admired Companies: Which companies are most respected? We polled some 3,900 executives, anlaysts, directors, and experts to find out. Here are the results.
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Can These VCs Fix Tech Bro Problem? The smart money is falling out of love with the bad boys of Silicon Valley. That's opened the door to a new breed of investor.
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Shell Faces 'Lower Forever': Fueled by a belief that the age of high oil prices is over, petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell is racing to remake itself for a new-energy world.
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Storm Warnings: Extreme weather is becoming more common, and the economic impact is soaring.
February 1, 2018 Vol. 177, No. 2

The World’s Most Admired Companies