FORTUNE magazine 2019 March 1 Issue
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Taming the Behemoths- D.C.'s bitter partisans can agree on at least one thing: The big tech companies need reining in. By Adam Lashinsky
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Calculating Quantum Computing's Future- Companies and countries are battling for leadership in this nascent technology that promises faster data crunching than ever before. By Robert Hackett
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A.I. With Heart- A child prodigy, an immigrant, and a serial entrepreneur- Amir Husain is using his empathy to build the future of computing. Interview by Dinah Eng
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The Pros and Cons of Politics- Shareholders get justifiably nervous when a company takes a stand on a divisive social issue. By Ryan Derousseau
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The 100 Best Companies to Work for - The 2019 List
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Could Ireland Wear the Crown? As Britain stumbles through Brexit Mess, corporations are turning to Ireland as the crown jewel of their European operations. By Richard Morgan
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The New Blueprint. Design-driven thinking had changed the way companies develop their products and reach their customers. By Tim Brown with Barry Katz
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Remade by Data. Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the "built world", creating powerful tools - and troubling dilemmas- for designers. By Spencer Bailey
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The Real Tide Pod Challenge. This monster hit for P&G caused a surge in injuries among children when it came out. Have P&G and the industry done enough to make pods safe? By Jake Meth
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Google's Hopes and Dreams in India. The Silicon valley giant opts for patience over profits in this massive but challenging market. By Vivienne Walt
Last Byte
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What Scares the World - Experts weigh in on the major threats they believe countries are most likely to face in the coming decade. Text by Clifton Leaf; Graphics by Nicolas Rapp
March 1, 2019 Vol. 179, No. 3

100 Best Companies to Work For – 2019!