FORTUNE magazine 2017 September 15 Issue
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No Margin, No Mission. Increasingly, capitalism is driving another worthwhile enterprise: everyday problem solving.
Page 7
Football Absorbs a Knockout Blow: As evidence mounts that the sport is hurting its players, a multibillion-dollar colossus looks ever more deflated.
Page 10
The Bull Case for Uber's New Chief: CEO Dara Khosrowshahi could be the right person to bring Uber back from the brink.
Page 11
Big Food Swallows the Meal-Kit Hype: The food-in-a-box space is over-crowded, but there's a reason the industry giants still want a piece of it.
Page 12
Trump's Break With CEO's Is a Big Deal. A pro-growth partnership between business and government is increasingly out of reach.
Page 13
Back-to-School Shopping Still Exist? And How! It's a digital world, but the fall shopping season is bigger than ever.
Page 14
A Back-to-Work Reading List: Ten of the most hotly anticipated titles of the season.
Page 16
Bringing "Hard Science" to the Masses. The brain trust at Breakout Labs are becoming VCs - and could prove to be formidable contenders.
Page 18
Dead, but Not Forgotten. E-waste recycler ERI fulfills an integral part of the digital food chain.
Page 19
Crystal Clear Provenance.:Blockchain technology is set to transform a new market - diamonds.
Page 20
Fighting His Way Out: How British inventor Sir James Dyson got started.
Page 22
A Retailer Finds Its Voice: REI, a mecca for outdoorsy shoppers, has found a new raison d'être.
Page 24
Times Change, But "Green" Funds Keep Growing. Even under a Trump presidency, "sustainable" funds have stayed strong. Here's why.
Page 27
Made to Measure: A custom-fit suit a price better than a department store's? That's the promise of a new breed of suitmakers.
Page 30
Holy Grails: Auction prices for vintage timepieces are sky-high. When it comes to the Swiss watch market, everything old is new again.
Page 36
50 Companies That Do Well by Doing Good: Our third annual list of corporate world-changers. Plus: Six small yet influential rising stars.
Page 52
Four Pillars of Moral Leadership: A leading corporate-ethics guru offers a framework for how managers everywhere can lead by example.
Page 56
Making a Motowin Miracle: Jamie Dimon had a front-row seat for Detroit's collapse. Now he and JP Morgan Chase are fueling the city's revival. Their strategy is a blueprint for rebuilding America's cities.
Page 66
The Ties That bind at Levi's: The blue-jeans is rolling out a "Worker Well-Being' program for the 300,000 laborators in its global supply chain. But can perks and respect keep workers happy and loyal?
Page 74
Apple Finds Its Core: CEO Tim Cook talks about how the tech giant is embracing its mission by investing in everything from education to renewable energy, to yes, world-changing products.
Page 82
Planet-Friendly Profits: Dutch sciences giant DSM reinvented itself to tackle global problems like malnutrition and climate change. The result: an $8 billion company whose stock is at an all-time high.
Page 86
Big Food's Mass CEO Exodus: The head honchos of Big Food are under immense pressure from a hypercompetitive retail landscape and activist investors. No wonder so many have stepped down.
Page 92
Stalking an Elusive Prize in Alaska: Oil giants have long pushed to explore the Arcitic National Wildlife Refuge, only to be thwarted by environmentalists. Trump's vow to open ANWR sets up an epic showdown.
Page 102
Ford Finds a New Leader, by Design. CEO Jim Hackett brings an intellectual approach and an outsider's perspective to the job. Here's how the plans to transform the under-performing automaker.
Page 107
100 Fastest-Growing Companies; Facebook (No.6) and (No.9) headline this year's crop. See the full list for 98 more up-and-comers.
Page 114
At Lending-Tree, It's All Fist Bumps. Business is booming at the online marketplace for consumer credit. And the company's big idea - allowing borrowers to comparison shop online - is still gaining traction.
Page 120
Coasts of Living: The U.S. housing market is getting squeezed, contributing to a sharp rise in costs.
September 15, 2017 Vol. 176, No. 12