FORTUNE magazine 2017 December 1 Issue
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Forward: Betting Long - We know the companies that invest in the future do better than short-term thinkers. Here's more proof.
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Fortune's 2018 Crystal Ball: Our predictions for the world of business - and politics, culture, technology, and more - in the year ahead.
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Richard Branson's Best Advice: The billionaire daredevil has one of the best stories in business - which he tells in his new book, Finding My Virginity.
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The Hedge Fund Wannabes: A new breed of ETFs promises to imitate the souped - up strategies of hedge funds - at a much lower cost. But how will they fare in a market downturn?
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Alphabet's Guru of Googley Rigor: Ruth Porat, CFO of Google's parent company, balances Silicon Valley whimsy with hard-nosed reality.
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The Post With the Most: Subscription boxes make for perfect holiday gifts, spreading the joy well into the new year.
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2017's Top People in Business: It's not just about the numbers. The 20 star executives on our list are doing nothing less than defining the future of business.
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No.1 > Nividia CEO Jensen Huang: Huang saw the future of computing over a decade ago. Thanks to that vision, his chipmaker is perchaps the hottest firm in Silicon Valley.
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No.8 > PayPal CEO Dan Schulman: Under Schulman, PayPal has evolved to become a dominant player in payments. He thinks its Venmo app can follow the same arc.
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Fortune Global Forum: Special Report. Innovation Takes Off in China. Led by Internet giants such as Alibaba and Tencent and boosted by a surge in venture captical, China is shredding its image as a copycat economy and emerging as a tech superpower.
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Is it Time for P&G to Break Up? Under assault by activist Nelson Peltz,the 180-year-old consumer products behemoth is confronting its feeble growth. But only radical change can fix its problems.
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Weight of the World: The world is getting much, much-heavier. And we can expect a massive increase in obesity-related medical costs.
December 1, 2017 Vol. 176, No. 15

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